The corn/beef/pork cycle is the basis of the cycles in the world economy. I have examined this cycle and he other cycles in the solar system and come up with some very interesting observations. First I used the positions of Saturn and Jupiter and the rate of solar activity and found that the sine of the angle to the zero degrees of Capricorn, multiplied by an analogue of the planets mass and distance from the sun and found that this was closely related. The economic theorists postulate that the corn cycle is related to droughts and other climate changes. We know that the sunspot cycle has a strong effect on the earth's climate (another point astronomers baulked at for over a century as it seemed astrological.) So from this it would seem that the corn cycles basis is the relative positions of Jupiter and Saturn to each other. On the The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. website I came across an interesting graph of the generalization of the cattle cycle. I then compared this to the cycle in other countries and found that they agreed. Then I looked at the positions of Jupiter and Saturn and found that they were an exact match for the corn cycle. When Jupiter and Saturn are either conjunct, or in opposition the Cattle prices are high. When they are square at 90 and 270 degrees the cattle prices are low. This means that there is a very simple astrological way to understand and to predict world economic cycles just by using this simple method. I am sure also by determining what other astrological factors are involved there could be considerable refinements in this technique. 

Due to the fact that heliocentrically this would appear to be driven by the rate of solar activity and thereby, has a very strong foundation in the physical sciences that no one can possibly deny. 

Below are some graphs and charts that illustrate the point.

Here are some links to the projects and recently published work undertaken so far. 


 The strange sounds continue. What is most amazing is how consistent the sounds are in all different places in the world. The metallic sounds, the horn sounds and the chattering like birds in the background and possible voice like sounds. I still think it has to do with the astrological conditions at the location, but more precise times would have to determined.

 This backs up the planetary theory for the strange sounds. Ever heard of The Music of the Spheres? 

It is the same sound, one from Jupiter and one from the Earth, and so the planets can communicate their vibrations though the solar system and thus blows the sophist theory that there can be no communication by vibration through the vacuum of space.Thus dies the main theory against astrology!