Another interesting study is of the frequencies of the planets. If we use relativity and we presume that gravitational waves move at the speed of the light then the formula is one divided the diameter of the planet over the speed of light, or F=1/(Dp/C) Here is what you get Mercury 123 Hz, Venus 50 Hz, Earth 47Hz, Mars 88Hz, Jupiter 4 Hz, Saturn 5Hz, Uranus and Neptune 12 Hz, and Pluto 251Hz. There are definite harmonics here. Pl/Mer=~2, Ur-Ne/Ju=3, Ve/Sa=10, Ea/Sa=~10, Pl/Ma=2.9, Plu/Ve=5 as far as musical notes Venus and the earth are approximately a G, 3 below middle C, Mars F, two below middle C, Mercury B, two below middle C, and Pluto is about a B#. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are infrasound. The recordings for them are harmonic resonances. If Jupiter's vibration by gravitational waves is 4 Hz then here is a link for the sound. Now that gravitational waves have been confirmed as being observed in the Cosmic Background and Einstein said that the gravitational field was the eather then we can start to speculate along these lines, The gravitational field itself is harmonic due to it's wave nature and this is probably the way that cosmic influences are transmitted through the depths of space. The Aether was the way that astrology held sway for so many centuries and when it was "proven" not to exist many "scientists" cheered that astrology was dead. 

Neptune and Uranus are about 12 Hz.  Two resonant harmonics below.  

5 Hz is the frequency of Saturn. 

Venus 50 Hz  

I think we have all heard this sound amplified through electrical systems and electronics. The Earth 47 Hz. 

Mercury 123 Hz 

Pluto 251 Hz 

We have all heard this sound before Mars 88 Hz  

The strange sounds continue. What is most amazing is how consistent the sounds are in all different places in the world. The metallic sounds, the horn sounds and the chattering like birds in the background and possible voice like sounds. I still think it has to do with the astrological conditions at the location, but more precise times would have to determined.


This backs up the planetary theory for the strange sounds. Ever heard of The Music of the Spheres? 

It is the same sound, one from Jupiter and one from the Earth, and so the planets can communicate their vibrations though the solar system and thus blows the sophist theory that there can be no communication by vibration through the vacuum of space.

Scientists often argue that they don’t know where the energy would come from to power the planetary influences and have physical effects on the the earth. The straight gravitational effects are too small to have much effect on anything. They have often also criticized astrologers due to the fact that planets are a great distances and the further away a planet is the greater the influence. Why is this so and what answer do we have to the skeptics. The answer does not lie in an antiquated Newtonian view of physics that the skeptics throw at the astrologers, but rather in relativistic effects.  Gravity Probe B was able to demonstrate that frame dragging exists and is measurable.

What is frame dragging?

Frame dragging is the warping of space time by objects moving in space. As objects move they drag along a little bit of the fabric of space time itself with it as it moves. This effects is seen most easily in spinning, or orbiting objects. Gravity Probe B was able to show that space time was indeed warped as the craft orbited the earth.

The math for general frame dragging is not that complicated. The energy generated by frame dragging to enable the warpage of the spacetime matrix is the speed of light squared time the distance squared to the object times the mass. So, from this we can see that even objects as far away as the outer planets is very strong. This is due to the fact that the effect is the inverse of gravity and increases by the distance squared, rather than diminishing. Even tiny Pluto in this respect has a strong effect, not due to gravity as the skeptics say, but rather by the way they warp space time as they orbit the sun. This is not an attractive force, but rather a tiny rift in time that results in harmonic waves being carried by the standing waves of the general gravitational matrix. The latest evidence from the microwave cosmic background is that gravity waves do exist and that they then traverse the universe in harmonic patterns due to their wave-like nature.

The Formula is




M= mass

C=speed of light



This is a generalization of the formula, but it is sufficient for our purposes. We do not have to calculate these values to understand what is happening. Each planet due to it’s diameter resonates in the general sea of gravitational waves that it moves through. This resonance is transmitted to the other planets through this matrix and each planet then sets up resonances within itself and all the other planets in the solar system. We can then use the frame dragging formula to say that space time is being warped, even if is a tiny amount the potential energy as can be deduced from the formula is quite large. Not only is the distortion of space time affecting  the behaviour of the system, the nature of the distortions are harmonic in nature. They are like music and have harmonies and dissonances. Johannes Kepler in the Harmony of the World used musical vibrations to describe the properties of the planetary orbital resonances that we now know exist.

We can now begin to understand why each planet has different properties. This is due to it’s diameter, it’s orbital properties, it’s mass and it’s distance. Thus, the distortions of space time are caused by the planets is flavoured by all of these physical characteristics. The influence of Mars in this way is markedly different from the influence of Jupiter as a result. Not only this, but the geometric harmonic interactions of the planets, known as aspects, creates a blending of the planetary waves creating grand harmonies, or dissonances. Thus, due to all of these factors and the geometry of the of the planets to any point on the surface of the earth creates a peculiar species of space time characteristics which we experience as events, such as earthquakes and the general actions of the socio-dynamics of the place. One to think of this is that disharmonies create chaotic space around the given point, or relatively smooth space time waves at that point. Some wave increase entropy, while others reduce entropy. This creates what astrologers call positive and negative influences.

Below is a recording of the full spectrum of human hearing.