Engineering Services

We can offer you a full range of engineering expertise in all areas of astronomical facilities and research. We offer to help you to build research facilities, design research programs and aid in all projects from the conception and design phases right through the life of the project. We also offer services to industry such as internet, satellite and telecommunications systems to better equip you to reduce economic impacts as a result of the disastrous degradation in services and equipment due to storms caused by space weather and other astronomical influences. Most telecommunication and computer systems are at times severely affected by the influence of solar storms, cosmic ray storms, Flux Tranfser Events, high in the earths' magnetosphere and by severe weather. We can help greatly to reduce system downtime and equipment failure through prediction of the events that will most likely causes outages, and through engineering better ways for industry to equip itself to handle these situations. 

We have extensive experience and expertise in designing industrial and research facilities and programs and we can bring this to you to aid you in finding increased profits, less downtime, fewer outages and more reliable equipment and services. We can design experiments as well to bring you the optimal results for all your research needs.

Please feel free to contact us through the contact page. No job is too big, or small. See what over 30 years of bringing unique and innovative strategies, back by the latest advances in science and technology can do for you. We can also advise and lead projects for all areas of renewable power projects, wind, water and solar.

We are also working towards an accurate method of predicting earthquakes as can be seen on the research section of this website. What we can do at present is give a reasonable estimate of an earthquake occurring at any given place during any period of time based upon the probabilities of all the contributing regional and astronomical factors. WE can help in this way to bring about greater preparedness, especially at statistically significant time periods where the hazard is the greatest.

Some of the enterprises for which we undertaken projects for:

General Motors

Pilkington Glass


Canadian General Electric