The Canadian Institute for Applied Astronomy is dedicated to the research into the relationship between astronomical influences on the weather, earthquakes, climate change and life on earth in general. It is also dedicated application of the discoveries and findings made to predict the changes in the earth's environment and to the geography of nations and how it affects individuals. 

About Us

Due to the new discoveries recently made we are going to be conducting and publishing new research into finding ways to predict earthquakes, weather changes, solar storms, radio weather for better communications and all ways that the astronomical forces influence life on earth. Chief Astronomer: Brian Johnston. 


As time progresses we hope to be able to offer our services to help people better prepare for the future and to work towards a sure way to predict the future conditions of the world in general and for various groups and individuals. We are asking any individuals who would like to contribute to this research to contact us at the links provided. We will be publishing a peer reviewed online journal, The Journal of Applied Astronomy,  and as such we will require people to volunteer as editors for this publication. Submission guidelines will be that all works must be referenced and that they be based upon sound research that either replicates previous findings, or presents new scientific findings that are related to the mission of the Institute. 

Astronomical Internships

For graduate and undergraduate students research internships are being offered to give you the experience you need to future career aspirations. You will be challenged to undertake complex research programs in wide range of areas. Your work will be published and credited to you and you will have pride in the knowledge that you have aided in the advancement of our understanding of this new area of astronomy.

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Mission Statement: 

The Canadian Institute for Applied Astronomy is dedicated to the advancement of mankind's knowledge of how the forces and influences of the cosmic are affecting life on earth. We are also dedicated to finding sound methods to predict the future of events related to our research findings.